Politecnico di Milano, 27- 30 August 2015

The EAAE annual Conference will be held in Milano in conjunction with EXPO 2015 beginning the 27th of August with a celebration of Le Corbusier's work, exactly 50 years after his death.

This anniversary celebration is an opportunity to present the important and urgent issues concerning the transformation of cities, building and territories within Europe today. We are in a particular period of reflection where our contemporary history of the past half century is informing our present and future strategies in architectural education.

The meeting EAAE presents a platform to share a common reflection and an open discussion on the experiences carried out so far in schools and on the possible developments of the architectural profession, also affecting these. We will particularly focus on their relevance to the new Professional Qualifications Directive along with the duration of architectural programs of study.

The conference is open to other European and international schools who wish to participate. The Politecnico di Milano is pleased to host the event and part of the commitment to ensure a welcome stay will be to provide accommodation near the faculty at a special rate. 

Framing this event is an exhibition on Le Corbusier showcasing the panels he drew during his Milanese conference on Urbanism in 1934 along with the cherished projects by the Swiss Master for Milano.


(attached the instructions to reach the EXPO 2015 site)

Graphic Project: Salvatore Gregorietti, Milano